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Episode 1

Tai, Matt, Sora, T.K, Izzy, Mimi, and Joe are all having a great time at summer camp. When all of a sudden, it begins to snow! In the middle of July! Lights come down from the sky and crash into the ground leaving behind these little electrical devices called digivices. A wave soon comes and transports the kids to another world. "Yoo hoo, Tai?" Tai awakes and finds a pink head on his lap. His name is Koromon. Izzy finds Tai and his digimon is Motimon. After that, they find T.K. with Tokomon, Sora with Yokomon, Matt with Tsunomon, and Joe with Bukamon. No one knows where Mimi is. Finally, Mimi comes out screaming with a Tanemon. Right behind her is the Insectoid digimon, Kuwagumon. All of the digimon try to fight against Kuwagamon, but they are just to weak. All of a sudden, beams shoot down from the sky and slam right into the digimon. The kids digivices start to beep like crazy. The digimon begin to digivolve. Koromon to Agumon. Tsunomon to Gabumon. Yokomon to Biyomon. Tokomon to Patamon. Motimon to Tentomon. Tanemon to Palmon. Bukamon to Gomamon. The kids are shocked. They stare at the newly digivolved digimon. Everyone attacks and Kuwagamon falls. Victory!