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Episode 2

Nope. Kuwagamon is not quite defated yet. The kids are suddenly knocked off a cliff by Kuwagamon. Luckily, Gomamon uses is marching fishes attack to save the group from the long fall. Later on, they arrive at a beach and find these wierd phone booths. Only the computer tone is speaking. They eventually give up and the team decides to eat. The digimon say that they can hunt for themselves. Tai convinves Agumon to eat some chocolate. While they are eating, a Shellmon appears and attacks the group. All of the digimon try to attack but they can't! Tai trys to go at Shellmon with a pole, but Shellmon just goes after him. Agumon fires a pepper breath attack and Shellmon stmps on him. Tai yells for help and Agumon glows with a bright light. Agumon digivolves to Geymon. He fires a nova blast attack and sent Shellmon packing. Later on, he dedigivolves back.