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Character Guides


Matt is known as the lone wolf of the group. His crest sybolizes friendship (thank you Omnimon!). He also has a little brother named T.K. His digimon partner is Gabumon.


Izzy is the smart one of the group and he never leaves anywhere without his computer. His crest resembles knowledge and his digimon partner is Tentomon.


Mimi is a girly girl and has a big pasion for the color pink. Her crest resembles sincerity and her digimon partner is Palmon. She is willing to try anything.


Kari is Tai's little sister and also very loving and caring. She is the eighth digidestined that the team had to find. Her crest resembles light and her digimon partner is Gatomon.

Tai is the leader of the digidestined. He obtained the crest of courage after he saved his digital partner Agumon, from a few Gazimon. He can be a big jerk sometimes but is overall a good leader.


I guess you can call Sora the tomboy of the group. She's a lot of fun to hang out with. Her crest resembles love and her digimon partner is Biyomon. Overall she's realy cool.


TK is Matt's little brother and can sometimes be a crybaby. His crest resembles hope and his digimon partner is Patamon. His digimon Patamon saved the entire group a couple times with no help.


Joe is the eldest of the group and also the smartest. He also complains too much. His crest resembles reliability and his digimon partner is Gomamon.