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News Archive 1

Yup. New template as you can see. We also got a new banner based on my obsession with digimon chronicle. Anyways, we also have a new affiliate, The Digimon Frontier Network. They are an awesome site with tins of downloads. Weeeee... anyways, you should take a look at the new boards. They're looking pretty awesome. I also got Pokemon Leaf Green for the visual boy advance for those who have it. It's in japanese but it's good. Check the multimedia page.

Heya peeps. Yup yup. The sites almost finished. I'll give you all the url when it is. In the mean time, Devoted to Digimon moved soooooo... *changes URL* that's it. *points to the forums*. Talk to me.

No we're not dead. Just a big lack of updates. Anywho, renamon shrine is canceled and we are moving. Same URL, same site, just a different server. Anyways, we moved the forum. The old board will be strictly for the RPG as the new board will be only for discussions. so that's the url. If you have trouble logging in, click back on your browser and then click DigiworldX// Forums Index.

First of all, Happy New Year!!! Second of all, I know there hasn't been many updates for the past few days due to another website I'm currently working on called The Renamon Shrine located at so go look and watch it grow. After I'm finished with that, I will create a Matrix site and then currently work on this site so no updates for a few days. Until then, see you all at the rpg!

It's no duh that I changed the banner today. Yes it's true what some of you may have heard. Yes we are going to become a Digimon/Matrix site. But we'll still keep you updated on digimon. Due to my current obsession I will post everything I know about Digimon and the Matrix. See you next update!

Ok everyone. Now that the season 2 character pages are up, I'm going to start working on the season 3 character pages. Afterward season 4. Anywho.

Well shall I say yipee!!!! We won another award. The Gold award from the Digital Empire so thanks! Check it out! BTW, I'm working on updating the zero-two character page so check that out to. I also hanged the template again as you can see.

Ok. DigimoOnline is now affiliated with us and that is cool. Also the only thing I updated. Anywho, I plan on adding the character pages for season 2 tomarrow so have a look then and remember to vote for us!

Lack of updates but meh. Like I said I'm having trouble with the RPG so I'm moving it to the forums. At least there we won't have bugs. Anywho, there also won't be that many areas but we'll try ok? Just click on our forums link and it'll take you there. See you there.

Merry Christmas everyone! So anyhow, I didn't update today but I will change the template tomarrow. Until then, bye!

It's Christmas Eve and we are rolling again. Would change the banner but I'm busy. Because of all the downtime at the RPG, the admins and I decided to move it again to a new place. Go to and search for digiworldx rpg. It is currently under construction but we will do our best to fix this problem. Hope to see you soon!

Ok. I finished up the character guide for Adventures so tomarow I'll get started on the Zero-Two character guide. Maybe even start the Aventures digimon guide. Had a great time though after recieving the Animatrix as an early christmas gift. If you wish to send in your christmas list or if you wish to see something for christmas on this site, e-mail me at and all e-mails will be answered to. 4 days until christmas! Yay!

I posted new stuff int the "Other" section so take a look for a review on the Matrix Revolutions. I also took out affiliates who aren't linking to us so now I have more bandwidth. I also updated the adventures character page again so take a look there to!

So I went to The Lord of the Rings ~ Return of the King yesterday and it was awesome... best one ever. Anywho, I added a new "top-Sites" button and updated the contact page so take a look! See you all next update!

Ok. I changed the templae today as you can see. We've been having trouble with the RPG but it's back up again. Sorry for not updating much...

Because I am experiancing many problems with tripod right now, I can't update that much. Anywho, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to put up the award I got from Ryo. Take a look. Maybe it's there. Bye for now.

Ok. No major updates today. I will change the template soon. I won't be able to update today mainly beacuse I'm unable to get on the internet that often. So to all my chat friends out there, don't flip if I'm not online, I just won't be for the next few days. See you all later!

Ok. I've added updates and more. I updated the character bios for Adventures and listed my AIM address in the contact me section. This site is doing well and we are celebrating 80 members at the RPG! I added a multimedia page to with evolutions and more! Real Player or Windows Media Player required. See you later!

Today I recieved an e-mail from the webmaster of Devoted to Digimon requesting to be an affiliate. The site will be added to the affiliate section and all of you out there reading this should visit. Anywho, since I can't add it on right now (darn library comp) I will add it on later. In the meantime, the link is 
Have fun there. Btw, we have openings for moderators at our boards. If you would like to apply, you must first register and be an active member. The PM me with a request to be a moderator. See you all later!

Hello again everyone. I did update the spelling errors I made in the "Other" section. Other than that, I added a Fan Fic page so if you have Fiction you want others to read, send it to me and it will be posted. See you all tomarrow. (Still #1 on the top 100)

Today I won another award. Thanks to! Nextly, I will add another section just for other things. I will post the award when Ryo gets done with it. In the meantime, I added Ryo to my affiliate list so take a look!

Hey everyone. Not much to update today since it is a school day so all  added was another reason to contact me. Anywho, if I have the time, I'll update the episode guide ok? See you all later!

Hey peoples. Today I'll add in a few more things. Maybe character guides. That would be nice. Afterwards I'll continue with the episode guides. If you all want to send in something, e-mail me: . See you all around! [we are pleased to be #1 on the top 100!]

Hello everyone! I added a guestbook today. Sign it whenever you come! I am working on adding more to the season 1 episode guide right now so don't expect musch for now. See you all next update!

Thank you for adding us to your affiliate section! We have also added you! Thanks again. Anywho, I am trying to update as fast as I can so you all have to be patient.

Because of dumb ol' freewebs, I had to move our homepage. Now it will be bigger and better. I will try to add the same stuff but a little different. I hope every single one of you enjoy!

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